Ravages of Time” is a true-to-its-roots blues-rock/folk album from Australian singer/songwriter Alan Newbery. Newbery draws his influence from classic rock and traditional blues artists and gives it a modern edge, with an overall reminiscence to Van Morrison and Neil Young. The arrangements are solid and full, as Newbery professionally incorporates electric guitar solos, finger-picking acoustic guitar, heavy bass lines, slick vocal flavoring, piano, saxophone, and a string section into the album. The lyrics are creative and entertaining as he reflects on many aspects of life, including faith, love, freedom, and staying strong through tough times. “Ravages of Time” is well-produced with a nice and clean overall sound. “So Lucky” has a great melody and memorable lyrics about being grateful for life, as Newbery matches the acoustic guitar note for note with his vocal performance. “Twice As Nice” is a straight up blues track about the pleasures of life with a great punch line of a chorus. Overall, “Ravages of Time” is an extraordinary album with a great bluesy vocal performance and excellent, full arrangements. Fans of roots blues and folk rock should definitely give Alan Newbery a try. -Chris & the RadioIndy.com Review Team

Besides the kangaroo and the didgeridoo Australia is also known for new talent such as The Dishevelled Gentlemen and Andrew Petersen. Alan Newbery is definitely on this list and should not be missed.

The blonde and bearded musician came into the spotlight in 2008 after releasing his debut disc Ravages Of Time with his own compositions. He received laudatory comments on the Belgian website ROOTSTIME. On his new album Water Newbery builds on the Ravages of Time. He’s been busy writing and performing blues, rock and folk. The numbers are often equipped with a modern twist. In some songs even electro beats not shunned. So as a listener you should certainly approach the album with an open mind.  Newbery’s narrative style of singing with a clenched voice draws a link with Lou Reed and Steve Forbert.

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"Australian Alan Newbery's blend of fuzz-laden, swampy blues and Dylanesque musings on Water... the timeless virtues of solid songwriting and playing. He knows how to lay down a good groove, too, and the intense 'Grant Me Water' is particularly good. www.songsbery.com"

Alan Newbery is a colorful singer-songwriter from Australia.His narrative style of singing with his pinched voice quickly sugest a link to Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and Steve Forbert. He uses a style that lies between rock, blues and folk. Alan writes songs with lyrics galore about what he goes through and what life deals. On the new CD "Here!" Newbery is assisted by producer Bruce Schneider who also plays the guitar and keyboard."Here" sounds more accessible than his previous albums "Ravages of Time "(2008) and" Water "(2009).The power of the melody should not be underestimated.That is what Newbery has understood. But what makes this album so good and so special? That Newbery composed songs with such varied sound? That both acoustic and electric tools are used? Or maybe the surprise elements in a song such as The Silver Ghost? Is it the way of singing or the originality with which Newbery's songs are dripping? Listen at the right time and you will not regret it.

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