Growing up with the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan and the blues, half-baked songs have popped into his head for as long as he can remember. Soon he was playing the blues with Bluestone and then traditional Aussie bush music with Empty Pockets. A radio station song-writing contest in 1991 lead to a CD with The Dead Tired Nurses. A spot on the Cat In A Hat CD through 2NUR at Newcastle Uni. followed. Then there was Peasant Skills and the thrill of being amongst the finalists of the ABC Newcastle Music Awards. A productive relationship with Avant Garde Audio Productions at Largs kept the creative juices flowing, as does a presence on Triple Js Unearthed (see link) Somehow the songs refuse to go away. There's at least 350 of them now.They have a life of their own. They long to be heard.

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